Pigeon Island St Lucia
Lovely Semi-Secluded Beaches and History

Pigeon Island St Lucia is located to the north of Rodney Bay and is one of St Lucia’s national landmarks. It was a 44 acre islet until it was joined to the Island in 1972 via a causeway.

This is one of the locations where the 14 battles between the French and the British were fought. There are many ruins from those battles up to today. This heritage site is protected under the umbrella of the ST Lucia National Trust.

Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island is of monumental importance to the Island. It holds a vast amount of St Lucia’s history. A visit to the museum will give you valuable information on the Island’s history.

There are nature trails leading up to Fort Rodney. Fort Rodney is the spot used by the British to spy on the French during the battle. A view of the neighboring Island of Martinique can be seen from the fort on clear days as evidence of this.

I would normally go there when I want to be away from to many persons at a beach picnic. I've found it to be quite relaxing and refreshing at its two small but lovely beaches.

This is also one of the main venues for St Lucia Jazz, a festival that has become popular among both visitors to our Island and the local community.

Pigeon Island St Lucia

After your walk to the Fort, a bath at those beaches will definitely refresh you. In fact it is one of St Lucia’s most beautiful secluded beaches. Many people get married there every year because of its picturesque surroundings.

There are two restaurants at Pigeon Island St Lucia. Their food is tantalizing and ready to satisfy your taste buds so you do not have to walk with your lunch.

Going to the park is not free but there is a fee of $5.00US for visitors and $2.00US for locals to enter the park.

If you are interested in more information on Pigeon Island, feel free to ask on our questions and answer page or you can contact the National Trust For more information at (758 452 5005).

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