Anse La Raye St Lucia
Going To The Fish Fiesta Is A Must!

Anse La Raye St Lucia is a small fishing village on the west coast of the island. It can be found south of Castries on your way to Soufriere. It is approximately twenty five (25) minutes drive away from the city of Castries and ten (10) minutes drive south of Marigot.

Most of the people who live there are fishermen by profession and make their livelihood by only fishing. It is just lovely to see how those fishermen are so excited when they have a great catch for the day. You may even hear a few of them swearing, not because they are upset but just because they are so full or excitement and happy over what they caught.

If you love eating fish and you are looking for fresh fish, then Anse la Raye is one of the main places in St Lucia where you can find fresh fish to meet that craving. I know several people from all over the island who take their cars to get to Anse La Raye just so that they can get fresh fish to cook.

It doesn’t stop there. This little fishing village has gotten very popular over the years among both visitors to the island and locals.

What made it so popular? The Friday nights fish fiesta

Every Friday night, scores of people flood the streets to enjoy and sample the savory flavors of the various types of fish. You will be able to sample lambi, tuna, lobster and much more.

How did this fish fiesta come about? It all started when fishermen realized that their supply of fish was much greater than the demand for it. So they began preparing it so people can buy them cooked. Word of it spread all over the island and it immediately became a huge success. This Friday fish fiesta continues to grow as more and more people are getting to know about it.

If you are ever in St Lucia, you should go down to Anse La Raye St Lucia to sample those dishes for yourself. I guarantee you that you will be going back for more again and again. You will get to see how fish is prepared St Lucian style. It is definitely something to look forward to.

How do you get to Anse La Raye fish fiesta? I would recommend either renting a car or hiring taxi to get there because you would not be able to get a bus at that time to get back to your hotel.

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