St Lucia Castries Market
For Your Souvenirs and Local Produce

The Castries Market is probably the only place in St Lucia where you will have the opportunity to see and buy almost anything grown in St Lucia. Not only will you be able to buy freshly grown produce, you will also see on display several products manufactured in St Lucia.

castries market
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This is certainly one of the places in St Lucia that you must visit when you come to St Lucia. You may also sample the various local dishes prepared in the food booths.

Paula Dean, one of the world’s renowned chefs on the food Network has visited the market and she continues to give it high praises.

The market is located in the heart of Castries with many vendors on the side of the road selling their produce so that makes it impossible to miss when you pass through Castries.

If you are coming to St Lucia by cruise, your stop at La Place Carenage make you only a few steps away from the Castries Market.

You certainly cannot miss it but if you do, just ask anyone for the direction of where the market is located. Most St Lucians are very friendly so I'm sure they would be willing to assist.

What To Expect at the Castries Market

Before you enter the market, you will be greeted by several vendors who may want to sell you from their produce. Some of those produce include green bananas, plantain, dasheen, avocado, tomatoes vegetables, and bread fruit just to name a few.

The availability of those produce makes it very easy if you want to try out a St Lucian recipe while you are here and if you are just not getting it right, you can always ask a local to show you how it is prepared.

If you are looking for fresh fish, you may find fishermen selling their catch way to the end of the market. One place you must also visit is the vendors arcade found in the market. You will see a number of St Lucian arts and crafts on display along with locally made sauces and spices that will have you cooking like a chef in no time.

Souvenirs And Gift Items

If you want to bring back a souvenir that is going to remind you of your trip to St Lucia, then you also have that option. I shop at the Castries market all the time because I get my produce fresh at a very attractive price and that means allot to me

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