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The official currency for St Lucia is the eastern Caribbean dollar or It's code form XCD. This currency is used by most of the Caribbean countries. 

 Understanding foreign currency can be challenging at times and it sometimes is for me when I travel to a country where the currency is not what I am familiar with. When in doubt, I find it is easier to just use an online currency converter. 

Countries Using Eastern Caribbean dollar (XCD)

The currency for St Lucia is used in the following Caribbean countries. St Lucia, Grenada, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica, Montserrat, Antigua and Barbuda, St Kitts and Nevis and also Anguilla. They come in five, ten, twenty, fifty and one hundred dollar bills.

The coin pieces are available in one cent, two cents, five cents, ten cents, 25 cents and one dollar. There are also 50 cents and one dollar coin piece but they are very rare to come across. I've only come across them a few times.

In recent times, I have heard of a few counterfeit hundred and fifty dollar bills. There are a few identifying marks that will help safe guard you from such fraud. 

Foreign Exchange rate

The US currency is normally interchangeable at a rate of US$1 to EC$2.7169 St Lucia money. This rate has remained constant for a number of years.

There are foreign currencies that are easily exchanged at any of the banks in St Lucia.  Such currencies include American dollar, Canadian dollar, Pound Sterling, Swiss Francs, Barbadian dollar and the Euro.

Not all currencies can be changed in St Lucia though. Some of those currencies include but not limited to the Japanese Yen, Guyanese dollars, Jamaican dollars. Although the Trinidadian dollar is not bought by banks in St Lucia, some do non cash transactions.

The best place to change foreign currency into the currency for St Lucia is at a bank, although you may find hotels that offer that service at reasonable rates.

Using Credit Card and Automatic Teller Machines

Before you decide to travel, be sure to contact your bank or credit card company to inform them of your travel plans. Most banks or credit card companies monitor your card use and it may be interpreted as card fraud if you use it in a different country. 

They may decide to block the use of your card at the most inconvenient time when you are trying to access funds. I have witnessed several persons go to the ATM and have difficulty retrieving funds from it only to find out that they never contacted their bank or credit card company. 

You can also find cash machines at some of the major supermarkets.

Generally, credit cards are widely accepted in most business places, but it is advisable to walk with some cash when you are going out. You can do so by going to an ATM with your debit card or credit card at any of the banks that are close to you.

Special Currency For St LuciaTips

1. The banks in St Lucia are normally open from Mondays to Thursdays at 8am to 2pm and until 5pm on Fridays.

2. You can also find branches at the airport and they are the only ones open on Sundays and Saturdays. 

3. To sell or buy foreign currency, you must walk with your passport or some other national picture identification card. 

 4.If you forget your Identification document, then you would have to find someone who has one when you get to the bank.

5. All ATM or cash machines in St Lucia only give out Eastern Caribbean dollars so if you want an other currency, you must change it at one of the teller booth inside the bank after taking it from the cash machine. 

Banks In St Lucia

The banks are located only in Castries, Vieux Fort, Gros Islet, Rodney Bay and Soufriere.  

Most of the banks here have several outlets where you can easily change your foreign currency into the currency for St Lucia. I have only given you the addresses of the main branch.

Bank of St Lucia ltd can be contacted at 1 Bridge St, Box 1860 or Call them at Tel # 758-456-6000 or Fax # 758-456-6702.

First Caribbean International Bank contact information is, Bridge St, Box 335/336 or call them at Tel # 758-456-1000 or Fax # 758-452-6860.

Royal Bank of Canada contact information is, WM Peter Blvd, Box 350 Castries or call them at Tel # 758-456-9200 or Fax # 758-456-9290.

First National Bank contact information is, 21 Bridge St, Box 168 Castries or call them at Tel # 758-455-7000 or Fax # 758-453-1630.

Royal Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (RBTT) contact information is, Micoud St, Box 1531 Castries or call them at Tel # 758-452-2265 or Fax # 758-452-1668.

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