St Lucia Boat Tours
Discovering St Lucia By Sea

St Lucia boat tours are real fun ways to see St Lucia. Most time when we travel, we get to see the place from the inside. For this guide, I will take you outside the Island so you can enjoy the Island. Is it possible to Enjoy St Lucia while you’re not even on the Island? Sure you can!

St Lucia Boat Tours

Think about it, all other tours are actually done from inside but a St Lucia boat tours are the only tours the get you see this fabulous Island from the “outward in”.

Boat tours in St Lucia

I can admit that I don’t go on boat tours very often but when I do, which is normally about three times for the year I really enjoy it. Well those are actually the times when I am influenced by my friends to go on a boat tour, or as they would normally call it in St Lucia, boat ride.

When St Lucians normally go on boat rides, it is normally to party, mingle and to drink their rum but that’s OK because it’s always good to have some fun especially after a long week of work. And speaking of St Lucian rum, we have our own refineries here and produce some of the finest rum on the planet.

You don’t believe me? You are welcome to try them for yourself. We also export those rums to other countries, so chances are you may have already tasted some and not know it.

In St Lucia you will find a few companies offering boat tours to take you on a round Island tour. I still don’t know why they call it a round Island tour because you don’t get to go around the island; they only take you on the west coast side of the Island.

Well that is understandable because the east coast is really rough and you can get some really large waves from the Atlantic ocean so that would not be a very pleasant ride. Some persons do attempt it anyway.

On your St Lucia boat tour, you can get to go to some lovely beaches which are only accessible from sea. Spending time and swimming on those beaches is so much fun. The time always seem to pass quickly; before you know it, it is almost time to head back.

Pointe Seraphine boat tour terminal

Some St Lucia boat tours take you to do whale watching and deep sea fishing, but if you don’t get to see a whale you don’t feel like you’ve missed out on anything. You’ll still be having lots of fun and adventure on your tour.

You will often see fishes flying in and out of the water very often. I now know why they call this particular fish a flying fish, because it really flies for long distances in the air before it goes back in the water.

When all is said and done, you would have been happy that you took a boat tour to adventurously discover other wonders of St Lucia that can only be discovered by going on a boat tour.

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