Best Tips For St Lucia Map

Wait!!!! Where is your St Lucia Map?  There's something missing. 

You built a fabulous itinerary because you dreamed of snorkeling, swimming, going off the beaten path, going to see the pitons, the drive-in-volcano, bathe in waterfalls around the Island. 

How are you going to find those places without a map? 

In order to really enjoy your tour around St Lucia, you should get a St Lucia Map. A detailed map of St Lucia is your best choice. 

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Best St Lucia Map

A few years ago you would have to either buy a map from amazon or a book store or wait when you get to your hotel or villa you are staying at.

Those were free of charge but what happens if you rented a vehicle and would be driving from the Hewanorra airport in VieuxFort to your hotel in Castries or Gros Islet? 

With the advent of new technology, it's now much easier to have access to a map of anywhere in the world without the hassle and bulk of endless papers. 

The Solution - Google Offline Maps

It was only recently that I realized Google offered their maps offline through their mobile app. 

What does this mean?

Imagine you're travelling to St Lucia, you wanted to bring along one of those detailed maps from Google but you don't want to face high charges for data on your phone.

If it were possible to save one of those maps and have access to it on your phone, how awesome would that be?  

Google maps are usually very detailed showing you main roads as well as back roads and hidden roads. You will be able to find beaches, hotels, restaurants, towns and villages, volcano or basically anything you have on your Itinerary. 

To get the Google map on your android phone, here's what you need to do.

Google Offline Map Android

What you Need 

  1. An Android Phone
  2. A Google Account
  3. The Google Map App (download here via Google Play)

Steps For Saving Map

If your phone is recently made, it may come with the app already pre-installed. 

  • Step 1. Go to Google app and open map.
  • Step 2. Type "St Lucia" in the search box as seen below. [Tip]: You will get a better view of the Island in portrait view.   
  • Step 3. Click on the draw bar [see above photo bottom left] and select "your places"
  • Step 4. If you viewed any previous maps, you will see any recently accessed places. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "view all and manage". 
  • Step 5. Select "Save a new offline map" which will take you back to the original map in step 2. 
  • Step 6. You now have the option to save the map. After you click on the save button, you will be prompted to choose a name for your file. In this case it would be St Lucia. Press save again.  
  • Step 7. Test your map to ensure that it works but you first need to turn off your mobile data or wifi. 
  • Step 8. Close the app and go through the same process from step one through to three.
  • Step 9. Scroll to the bottom of the page to offline map and click on the map you saved. 
  • Step 10. Have fun exploring your map. 

You can save as many maps as you would like but they will only last as long as 30 days. I would recommend saving it close to the time of you plan to travel to St Lucia

St Lucia Map Division

St Lucia is sub divided into ten (10) main districts, beginning with Gros Islet to the north, followed by Castries which is the capital, Anse La Raye, Canaries, Soufriere, Choiseul, Laborie, Vieux Fort, Micoud and Dennery.

Each district is broken up into several little communities. Let me use Gros Islet as an example. Gros Islet has several communities like Rodney Bay, Massade, Beausejour, Cas-en-Bas, Monchy, just to name a few.

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