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can i use US coins?

The weather in St Lucia 
What's the weather like in April and May ?

Malaria in St Lucia 
I would like to visit St Lucia this July-August. I have a child of almost 4 years, is there malaria during this time of the year as it is recommended not …

Can I Use English Money 
Can I use English money in st lucia if not can I exchange it when I arrive there?

American beer in St Lucia? 
Can I buy American beer in St Lucia?

What is the most economical way to feed a family of 6 while vacationing in Castries, St. Lucia?

Hotel Recommendation - Best Location!? 
My family (four adults) is looking for a great place to stay in St Lucia that is preferably close to or on the beach, but also isn't too far away from …

Scuba Diving Certification 
I have done scuba diving with my daughter (16)in the Dominican republic we went down 5o feet x2 (30 min@) in the ocean, we did not require any certification …

Fresh Flowers In Grocery Store 
Do they sell fresh flowers in bundles at the grocery stores in St Lucia? If so which one?

Route from Hewanorra to marigot Bay 
Thanks for the great site! We are flying into Hewanorra and sailing out of Marigot Bay. Since we arrive at 1:30 on a Saturday, I am thinking we can have …

St. Lucia Population 
How many people Live in St.Lucia

Nappie and Baby Food in St Lucia 
can you buy nappies and baby jar food in St Lucia

Best Area to Stay for First-Timers to St. Lucia 
Me and my husband plan to visit St. Lucia for the first time this January (we are in our late 30's) and are wondering what area we should stay in? …

Rodney Bay,Soufriere,Cap Estates - What is the Difference? 
Help! What area of the island do we want? We are going to rent a villa for 5 days in October without our young children. Can someone please tell me …

Sulfer Soap In St Lucia  
I was in St. Lucia last year and purchased some sulfur soap. Is there a way to purchase over internet and have sent back to states? Thank You

Hiring A St LuciaTour Guide  
How would we go about hiring a tour giude for a portion of our stay safely? What are the going rates? Where would we find one or would that be a taxi driver? …

Do Americans Need Passport to Visit St Lucia? 
Do I need a passport to go to St. Lucia from the United States?

Canadian Embasssy In St Luica 
Does St.Lucia have a canadain embassy?

All Inclusive Hotels With Watersports 
I was looking at some of the All Inclusives in St Lucia. There are 3 that I see Coconut Bay Resort and Spa, Almond Morgan Bay, and Smugglers Cove. In …

Bus From SVU to Rodney Bay 
Party of 4 adults arriving in St Lucia on May 14 to May 21. HOw much to take bus round trip from SVU to Rodney Bay or should we rent a car?

Electrical Voltage In St Lucia 
What style plugs and voltage and cycles do you use in St Lucia?

Current State of St Lucia 
I was booked to travel to St. Lucia prior to the hurricane hitting. Should I still come, or will I be very disappointed with the state of the country …

Can you spend US dollars in St Lucia 
Can you spend US dollars in St Lucia?

Everything About St Lucia 
I am doing a project on St.Lucia and I need to know everything about this island. Can you give me tons of information on St Lucia?

Prices Of Beer an Wine In St Lucia 
What is the price of beer and wine and a meal in st Lucia ?

Bottled Water In St Lucia 
Where can I get half decent bottled water in St Lucia? Do they import their water or use their own springs. I'm looking for pure spring water. Thanks, …

I am looking for a friend based in St Lucia by the name of Randy Charlery. I saw him on facebook but no possibility to send a message. I really appreciate …

Americans' perception of St.Lucia 
What are Americans' perception of St.Lucia? Do Americans often or seldom complain while vacationing in St. Lucia?

St Lucia Landscape 
How did St Lucia landscape get like that?

Spending Money in St Lucia 
Is it best to take US$ or EC$ to St Lucia?

see map of st lucia 
Will you show relationship of sandals resort to jalousie bay?

St Lucia National Pledge 
What is St. Lucia national pledge and who wrote it?

Driving in St. Lucia 
Is driving in St. Lucia truly an option? Is this something that can be easily done and is it safe?

Drinking Age in St Lucia 
What is the drinking age in St. Lucia?

Does St.Lucia have a Mt.Qualibo? I come from the island of The Commonwealth of Dominica...I'm asking this question for a Science project I have at school …

Safe Water In St Lucia 
How safe is the water in St Lucia for Americans to drink? Will this be a problem as it is in Mexico?

St Lucia Drink  
When I was visiting St. Lucia last year, I bought a drink from the Super J grocery store called Caribe, I think, could you give me the correct name and …

St Lucia Visa Reqirements 
Hello, My client, who is citizen of El Salvador but a permanent resident of the US (with Green Card ..Alien Registration Card) is visiting St. Lucia on …

My wife and I along with my sister and her husband will be visiting in January, and was wondering what are the closest islands to St. Lucia? the distance? …

Cruise docks and car rentals. 
Please, can you provide me with information and maps of cruise docks? I am traveling to your island with a pullmantur cruise (Pacific Dream) next February. …

Do Ukrain Citizens need Visas? 
I am an Ukrainian Citizen and a Green Card holder. I am wondering whether visa is required to enter St. Lucia. Thank you, Irena.

Exchanging Dollars for the XCD 
I will be taking my vacation in Saint Lucia. Here is my question: should I come to Saint Lucia with XCDs or wait to exchange them when I arrive? Will …

Member of British Virgin Islands ?? 
I'm confused. Someone said that Vigie Castries, St. Lucia is part of British VI. I did not think so; please help me out. Thanks so much, Doris …

One Day St Lucia Adventure 
If I only have one day to see the real St. Lucia what should I do?----- If I really want to get the true experience of the entire island? Adventure involved!!! …

Micoud Waterfalls 
What waterfall can you find in Micoud?

taxi fares 
how much is the taxi fare from hewonorra airport to the downtown hotel in castries?

Map of where the Beausejour Cricket Stadium is situated? 
Could you email me a map of where about the Beausejour Cricket Ground is situated I need to organize a hotel for my principal to stay at whilst attending …

how bad does soufreair smell? why do you call it soufreair?

Adventure Trips In St Lucia 
Hello, Are there any companies that have adventure trips such as zip lines in the rain forests? Thanks,

Travel Time between Airport to Soufriere; Airport to Castries; 
What is the travel time between the following (by car) airport to castries airport to soufriere castries to soufriere? Do you know of any site that …

Drinking Age In St Lucia? 
How old does one have to be in order to buy and drink alcohol legally in St. Lucia?

Laws about sending alcohol to St. Lucia 
I am getting married in St. Lucia. I love a type champagne that is hard to find. May I send a case of the champagne to my villa before I arrive?

Getting to st Lucia from Saint thomas 
What is the best way a family of 5 can get to St Lucia from St Thomas? plane or boat?

Bringing in food items 
What food items can be legally brought in when coming to St. Lucia from Canada for a week's vacation? Most of our meals will be at restaurants and shopping …

What Do They Eat in St Lucia 
What do they eat in St Lucia?

Taxi fare Not rated yet
How much will it cost for taxi from UVF to Rodney bay. For 4 people in caribbean dollars

milk Not rated yet
Where can you buy fresh milk in Rodney bay area?

Easter weekend 2015 Not rated yet
Is there a website to find events going on over easter weekend? I'm visting with 5 friends and we would like to have some adult fun. Thanks

Tipping Not rated yet
How do you go about tipping the staff at St. James Club, St.Lucia when there are so many staff involved in the running of the complex?

Power voltage at smugglers cove? Not rated yet
Do I need an adapter at smugglers cove? Is the voltage 110?

bringing beer from Canada Not rated yet
Hi, my friend has a condition where he can't drink regular beer. It has to be gluten free beer. Do you have that type of beer in St-Lucia. If not do you …

Bus stops In Cap Estate Not rated yet
Is there a bus stop at Cap Masion or Le sport. If so how early and how late does it run. Can I take the bus from there to Pigeon Island,Jump up etc..or …

baby formula Not rated yet
Are we allowed to bring in baby formula into St Lucia for my 7 month old child from canada

J.P Wedding Charges Not rated yet
How much does a (J.P) justice of the peace charge to get married?

Marigot Bay to Rodney Bay Not rated yet
Hello How far is Marigot Bay to Rodney Bay, by taxi please. Also is Rodney Bay the best place for disco, live music etc? And what sort of currency …

Cliff Jumping Not rated yet
Where are some good cliffs to jump off in St Lucia?

Longboarding Not rated yet
Im a longboarder and wondering if any of the locals do? If not, im going to collect some and give them away!

Electrical Adapter Not rated yet
We will be traveling to St. Lucia from Canada next month. Specifically the Almond Morgan Bay (St. Jame's club). Do I need to bring an adapter or converter …

I want to live in St. Lucia 6 months of the year .  Not rated yet
Is this possible for a resident of the United States to live part time on this beautiful island . 6 months ? Then return to the mainland United States …

How long can Canadian visitors stay in St. Lucia? Not rated yet
Please confirm maximum number of days Canadian visitors stay in St. Lucia at any one time?

Baywalk shopping mall Not rated yet
How far is it to the Baywalk Shopping Mall from where the cruise ships dock is? Thank you.

Drinking Water Not rated yet
1) Is the water on the island purifeid? 2) If it is what process is used? 3) Are all businesses using this water?

Ocean Tide and Temperature Not rated yet
Thinking of going to Villa Beach Cottages in early December, I think they are close to the Castries area. I know they are right next door to sandals halcyon. …

How much are activities Not rated yet
Going to St Lucia to smugglers cove and I wanted to no how much money I will need I want to visit the volcanoes zip lining and jet skis I would like to …

Carnival 2013  Not rated yet
What a terrific site!!!!!! Thank you for all this info. I'm heading to St Lucia in July for Carnival and am wondering if you know what the route is .. …

Americans need St Lucia Visa Not rated yet
I am a permanent resident of United States and we're going to St. Lucia for my boyfriend's birthday. How long will it take for them to grant my visa? Is …

Moving Pets to St Lucia Not rated yet
How many pets can I move to St. Lucia?

Coconut Hand crafted Bird Feeders Not rated yet
Do you know anyone who is able to sell and ship to the US a handcrafted coconut bird feeder?

Airport shopping Not rated yet
How is the airport gift store shopping

Baptist Churches Not rated yet
Is there a list showing the location of any baptist churches on the Island? Pastor James Mansfield

Mini Bus Rental or Lease. Not rated yet
How can I reserve a mini bus for 8 eight people to get from the international airport in the south to the Castries area at the Bay Gardens Hotel?

Size of St. Lucia Not rated yet
I found a map of the island on your website but no sign of the size.

Wedding anniversary Not rated yet
First time visiting! It is our 27th wedding anniversary! We had to hold off celebrating our 25th so now we are able to do our 2nd honeymoon. We are thinking …

Groceries Not rated yet
We are staying in a "tree house" in Soufriere with a kitchen. We understand that eating out can be expensive, so we intend to buy groceries and spend …

Location of Super J  Not rated yet
Can you tell me the location of the Super J supermarket and/or the JQ supermarkets. I will be flying into Hewanorra and heading to the Moorings sailing …

St Lucia Visitor Permit Extensions Not rated yet
My husband and I are considering living in the Caribbean for a few years and would like to understand how challenging it is to get extensions to a visitor …

Vegetarian Foods Not rated yet
We are wondering if you carry vegetarian burgers etc.

Travelers checks To St Lucia Not rated yet
Has anyone gone to St. Lucia with American Express travelers checks and how easy were they to use over there? We will be traveling there in October of …

St. Thomas To St. Lucia Not rated yet
Is there a seaplane or boat that travels from St. Thomas to St. Lucia?

vieux fort airport to castries Not rated yet
cheapest way to go from vieux fort airport to castries

Taxi for 4 people from Heanorra to marigot Bay? Not rated yet
How much will we have to pay for a taxi from Hewanorra to Marigot Bay?

Nappies In St Lucia Not rated yet
Hi i would be interested in knowing if you have pampers as a brand of nappies and what is the price of the size 4 thank you

St Lucia Visa Situation Not rated yet
Hello there, I am considering working in St. Lucia, and I am able to obtain a work visa. I would like to move to St. Lucia with my girlfriend, however, …

Bringing Food via Airplane into St. Lucia Not rated yet
We will be arriving in St. Lucia to board a sailing vessel and wonder if there is anything prohibited from being brought into St. Lucia - like peanuts, …

Rain In St. Lucia Not rated yet
How much rain does st.lucia get in year?

Beach Close to Cruise Ship Terminal in St Lucia Not rated yet
Is there a beach close enough to walk to and from the cruise ship terminal in St Lucia?

Traveling around Not rated yet
Can u take a helicopter from the airport to Castries as a way of traveling fastest to the Le sport Body Holiday resort? Thanks, Jackie

Exchange US Currency Not rated yet
Is it better to exchange your money at the airport or just use American currency?

US$ Accepted In St Lucia Not rated yet
Is the us$ freely acceptable in shops and restaurants in St Lucia?

Fishing in St Lucia Not rated yet
What options are available for inshore fishing?

Countries In The Same Hemisphere As St Lucia Not rated yet
Can you name three other countries that are located in the same hemisphere as St Lucia?

What do locals like as gifts? Not rated yet
Hello there... I am travelling to St. Lusia next week. I would like to know what the locals would like as a thank you gift that they can not get there. …

Eating out in Soufriere Not rated yet
We're staying at the Mago Estate and plan to eat out each night so would like to know what is the range of cost of meals out, cheapest to dearest. Also …

St Lucia Vendors Take US Currency Not rated yet
Do vendors in St Lucia take us dollars?

Gift Giving Not rated yet
Is there anything in particular i could bring from Canada to give to hotel staff as a thank you or is it best to just tip with cash?

Bringing Wine To St. Lucia Not rated yet
How much wine can I bring into St. Lucia for a vacation?

Price of Drinks In St Lucia Not rated yet
Hi, Does anyone know a rough price of a pint of beer or glass of wine in St Lucia. We are traveling in June & are not sure how much spending to take …

Canadian Green Card Holder  Not rated yet
Would i need a visa to visit St Lucia if I'm a Canadian green card holder?

Length of Stay Allowed in St. Lucia Not rated yet
How long can a us citizen who has dual citizenship stay in St. Lucia before returning back to the US.

Water taxis St Lucia Not rated yet
We are arriving on the Oreana on 18th January. We want to hire a small boat with a 'driver' to pick us up from quayside Castries at approx 9.30am and …

volcano tour Not rated yet
Hi! I am scrap booking my son and daughter-in-law's honeymoon pics from St Lucia. They took the volcano tour from their resort at Sandals. I am trying …

volcano tour Not rated yet
Hi! I am scrap booking my son and daughter-in-law's honeymoon pics from St Lucia. They took the volcano tour from their resort at Sandals. I am trying …

Transit Visa Not rated yet
Do I need a transit visa for St Lucia if only stopping at the airport on the way to my final destination?

US green card holder/Philippine Passport Going to St. Lucia on a cruise Not rated yet
I will be on a Carnival cruise which stops at St. Lucia. Do I need a visa to go out for a day. I am a US green card holder that holds a Philippine passport. …

mosquito's in june Not rated yet
We are looking to come to St Lucia in June of next year and I was wondering if there are mosquitoes. We are looking at staying at the Rendezvous Hotel …

snorkeling anse chastenet Not rated yet
I am arriving on carnival victory 10/27/11 and would like to snorkel at anse chastenet. Looking for the quickest less expensive way to get there.

St. Lucia Submarine Tours? Not rated yet
I am coming to St. Lucia in Nov. 2011 and am very interested in the submarine tours. Please give me as much information as possible about this tour. Thank …

Travelers Cheques to St Lucia Not rated yet
Can I take travelers cheques, or can I get the local currency in the UK?

Island Travel Not rated yet
Can you rent Mopeds to travel through the Island?

South African Living In St Lucia Not rated yet
Hi, Are there any South Africans living long term in St Lucia?

Wine in St. Lucia Not rated yet
Are there any local wines or vineyards in St Lucia?

White Triangular Building in Castries Not rated yet
What is the name of the triangular building to the right side of the Castries waterfront?

Border Crossing, Canada to USA Not rated yet
Can a St.Lucian citizen with a Canadian permanent residence card travel to the USA without a visa?

Purchase Recliner Beach Chairs In St Lucia Not rated yet
Last time we were renting a house, in Soufriere, we had to pay $10 per lounge chair at the "Anse Chastenet" and $20 per chair at the "Jalousie Plantation". …

Amount Of EC Someone Is Allowed To Enter St Lucia With Not rated yet
How much EC$ (eastern Caribbean dollars) can someone enter St Lucia with?

Baby milk and food Not rated yet
Hi, Can I buy Aptamil baby milk 3 in St Lucia? What jarred baby foods are available?

Smuggler's Cove To Rodney Bay Taxi Rates Not rated yet
Eight of us are going to Smuggler's Cove in June. We've read a lot about how expensive the taxis are. We would be going into Rodney Bay every night. …

The Majestic Pitons Not rated yet
How many feet tall does Gros Piton and Petit Piton stand ?Answer question also including height in metres.

governer general Not rated yet
Who was the first governer general of St Lucia

Taxi Fare from Airport to Almond Morgan Bay  Not rated yet
How much is the taxi fare from the airport to Almond Morgan Bay st Lucia Thanks Keith

Bringing Artwork to St Lucia Not rated yet
Can I bring artwork as a gift to St Lucia

Tipping In St Lucia Not rated yet
How much and when do you tip?

Currency To Take Not rated yet
We are going to St Lucia for Christmas but we are unsure which currency to take. Any ideas?

Taxi  Not rated yet
What is the cost of a taxi from the airport to the Almond Resort, Morgan Bay. The airport that we would come into is about 25 miles from the resort.

Cost of a Taxi to Drive In Volcano Not rated yet
How much does the taxi cost to go to the drive in volcano?

Currency In St Lucia Not rated yet
Do you walk with US or EC?

American Dollars in St Lucia Not rated yet
Can I use American Dollars in St Lucia?

Canadian Citizen stay in St Lucia Not rated yet
How long can a Canadian citizen stay in St Lucia? Do we need to extend every 3 months? Thank you

Water Taxis in Castries Not rated yet
We are going on a cruise in Feb 2011 with a stop in Castries. we would like to hire a water taxi to take us to a beach. Are water taxis readily available …

Taxi verses Car Rental Not rated yet
We are renting a villa in one of the Mountain regions. I have driven on the left and don't have a problem with that...but should we rent a car, with the …

Dominica To St Lucia ? Not rated yet
Can you still get to Dominica via ferry from St Lucia and if so, how can i contact that source? Thank you, …

Event Dates For 2011 Not rated yet
What are the dates for the event in 2011

US Currency in St Lucia Not rated yet
Can I use US currency in St Lucia?

South Africans Need Visas To Come To St Lucia Not rated yet
Do you need a visa to come to St Lucia if you hold a South African Passport?

Driving Time Between Rodney Bay and Anse Chastanet Beach Not rated yet
Hi, We were curious as to how long it would take us to drive to Anse Chastanet and Soufriere from our resort in Rodney Bay? We are going to explore that …

Airfare Not rated yet
What's the price of an airfair from Trinidad to St. Lucia?

what french footballers were born in st lucia Not rated yet
which french footballers were born in St Lucia?

Water Sports Not rated yet
Hey where can i para-sail and jet ski in St Lucia? I need phone numbers.

DIAMOND COTTAGE, nr Soufriere Not rated yet
Is Diamond Cottage in Soufriere still operating? It was owned by Mr. Bobb. I was there in early 90's.

St Lucia Turtle Watching Not rated yet
Can somebody let me know of any groups that organize turtle watching? I have e-mailed the st Lucia heritage tours but have heard nothing back from them …

Store Owner Contact Not rated yet
How can I reach the store owner of J Q Supermarket? Thanks! Scott

St Lucia Customs Not rated yet
What foods and beverages are you allowed to bring through customs while on vacation?

Cheap Flight from London to St Lucia Not rated yet
What is the best website to plan a cheap holiday from london heathrow airport to hewanorra vieuxfort?

2010 CRICKET Not rated yet
I want to visit during the 2010 20/20 cup but I Need to know which airport I should be coming to. What are the hotels close to this stadium,how can I …

Waterfall With Swing In St Lucia Not rated yet
Can you tell me in what location is the waterfall that has a swing (rope?) over the waterfall pool?

2010 Twenty 20 World Cup Cricket Not rated yet
Dear Sirs How far is Rodney Bay from the cricket ground at Gros Islet? Can you also advise how much it would cost in a taxi between the two locations …

Sparkling Wine In St Lucia Not rated yet
Could anyone tell me please what brands of sparkling wine can you buy in St Lucia supermarkets? Thank you

Bring Gifts To St Lucia Not rated yet
I would like to bring some gifts for the staff at our hotel. What is something that is hard to get or find over there in St Lucia?? Any ideas would be …

Turtle watching Not rated yet
I will be in St Lucia between 24 May and 5 June and would like to visit some of the beaches where I could watch turtles. How and where do I book it? Kind …

Holy Week Not rated yet
We plan to visit St Lucia during Holy Week. We plan to stay at the Almond Morgan Bay resort. I was wondering how close the catholic church is to the …

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