Volcanoes and Us

(Bagatele Castries)

Our volcano is the only drive in volcano in the entire creation that GOD created for us, so it will attract tourist with its body itching beauty, that only we can break a leg for (appreciate).

We are to be very thankful for this lovely creation.

We have a lot of crime today and our citizens do not notice that we have this Island to cherish. Have we not noticed all the great things we have here, right here?

Some of us have to leave our panoramic island to go to other countries to live our lives or enjoy our self. why is that happening?

The government is always saying about our economy. Instead of making our country have more money we possess less of cash. Please, tonight i want to see instead of crime something creative, fun, useful.

Don't let me see on my TV that crime is on, not a gun. DIE GOOD NOT BAD! PLEASE, I AM PLEADING TO YOU ST.LUCIA, GIVE CHRIST YOUR LIFE.TODAY!

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